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Wafer Loading Machine

The wafer loading machine (WLM) is a machine which loads the wafers automatically from the coin stack to the cartridges in the process of solar cell manufacturing plant.

The Silicon wafers are 125X125 mm by area and the thickness varies from 200 -240 microns. This is very complicated to handle as this is a crystalline silicon semiconductor material and very delicate. The picking process involves the separation part which is done by slightly bending the wafer and also blowing the air through a jet in a controlled manner. After separation it is picked by vacuum cups and transferred to a alignment station.

The wafer is dropped at the aligning station where there are two aligners on either sides and the pusher pushes the wafer to the cartridge.

This process repeats for every wafer and the cartridge platform is indexed to the next position to load vacant wafer by a ball screw and LM Guide mechanism driven by a servo motor.

This platform is indexed until end position is reached. Later the platform moves down to home position and cartridge & pallet rests on a conveyor. The conveyor now moves to the unloading position & a empty cartridge will be positioned on the platform.

All items used are of standard makes like Festo, Panasonic, Phoenix, etc.
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